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Bunguin researchers have been missing for several months, under deep cover and even deeper assignment in the jungles of Brazil. They were after this unprecedented shot of the slothelot. This creature, unlike the typical sloth, is as wily and dexterous as an ocelot. However, it is often a victim of its own gluttony and requires frequent power-naps, in which it reposes in inverted torpor for several minutes at time, before it reanimates and bounds through the trees again like a caffeinated gibbon. Luckily, our exhausted and weather-beaten photographers captured this fantastic, furry feline-like beast before it capered off in a brown blur.



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  1. Thanks so much for posting to Crock Pot Wednesday. I know you left a comment, but I had some issues with that post and had to repost it. I would love to know what you had to say. I loved the tour. Thanks.

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