Key-mouthed Flyphonophore

Image of Key-mouthed FlyphonophoreThe Key-mouthed Flyphonophore is the aerial version of its deep-sea cousins, the siphonophores. Like siphonophores, it too may appear to be a single organism; however, each specimen is in fact a colonial organism composed of small individual animals called zooids, each of which contributes its own special function for survival of the whole. For example, the ballon zooid is responsible for flight, while the four flipper-legs give it propulsion in its natural habitat, high in the troposphere.

The Flyphonophore’s sharpened key-shaped teeth are designed for feeding on its preferred food-source: packets of nearly invisible bad feelings that float upward from the world below. It bursts the globules of bad feelings, ingests them, and excretes dense cuddle-puffs, which then fall back to the earth to be inhaled by humans. These cuddle-puffs help us feel better after we’re sad.



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