Great White Lark!

The Great White Lark is neither great nor white; however, it shares an exceptional quantity of genetic material with its nearest cousin, the Great White Shark.

The similarities between these very disparate creatures was highlighted recently when the shark was found to be attracted to hit songs by ACDC. And, thanks to research by scientists, it was discovered that the Great White Lark’s songs sound identical to several ACDC guitar riffs. Further research is required.

This tiny, toothy lark remains docile for most of the year, feeding on grubs and seeds, but during song season, it turns aggressive, and has been known to nip the ends off its handlers’ pinky fingers! Special thanks to agent C.D. for notifying the team about this marvel!



2 thoughts on “Great White Lark!”

  1. The rapid change in climate in northern waters has been displacing the area’s natural inhabitants. Are belugas and polar bears going to become a thing of the past as killer whales migrate further north and ice caps melt? The great white lark has also been spotted as far as the Gulf of Alaska and witnessed to attack both killer whales and polar bears! With its agility and speed in water – and on land, it is touted to be the one of the fiercest predators since Michael Jackson!!

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