Electric Hyeela!

Hyeela image

The Electric Hyeela (Electrophorus Hyaenidae) is a surviour among survivours. It has razor sharp serrated teeth, incredible low-light vision, and it can produce a shock equivalent to a high-powered Taser gun. It’s favourite food is the legendarily formidable goliath tigerfish (hydrocynus goliath). This formidable fish, which can reach 5 ft in length and weigh 110 lbs, is subdued more easily following the hyeela’s electric assault. Its niche is exploited during central Africa’s monsoon season, when floods increase its roaming habitat considerably. This incredibly rare species has come under threat due to climate change. Sadly, it is poached for its organs, which fetch high prices in the illegal organ trade. Like its distant relative, the electric eel, it also has three pairs of abdominal organs that produce electricity: the main organ, the Hunter’s organ, and the Sach’s organ. However, these organs are proportionally larger, and capable of producing enough power to recharge a car battery. Until recently, some families would rear and tame these highly charged rarities to serve as home security, or a mobile alternative to electric fencing.



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