About Bunguin

Years ago, Bunguin scientists imagined that, in this wild and wonderful world, there must be the┬ácutest animal ever seen. Debates raged, research commenced, and a baby “Bunguin” was found! This oxytocin powder-keg was a combination of baby bunny and baby penguin.

It was a bittersweet discovery, as several scientists died of acute Bellus Cultro (cute overload syndrome, or COS, which shares symptoms with cute rage). Since this amazing discovery, Bunguin scientists have scoured the globe in search of cryptozoological marvels.

About Exquisite Creatures

Please enjoy the latest section of the Bunguin site: Exquisite Creatures! These are made by playing the drawing game called exquisite corpse.

Special thanks to Bunguin Professors Liam and Kali for their contributions to these amazing creations!


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